July 12, 2024

About Us

Village Care Publishing

We are an independent publisher owned by Village Care Corporation. Our goal is to connect readers with fascinating tales that explore the essence of perception and human interactions. Our aim is to uncover new talents who are clearsighted with the intellectual savvy necessary to navigate within the complexities of our world—writers who can pen stories that resonate. We believe in the power of words, especially when written by visionaries motivated to make a difference in the struggle to create a more inclusive world.

The beauty and the message behind a great literary work cannot be underestimated or overlooked when penned under the craftmanship of an innovator devoted to being part of the ever-changing literary landscape. This is the writer we look for, one with a passion for social justice and a devotion to multiculturalism.

In Village Care Publishing, we also promote Caribbean literature, for it has always been a literature of resistance and one of the change agents in the struggle for social justice.

Our Mission

Village Care Publishing is dedicated to publishing outstanding literary works, both fiction and nonfiction, that foster a greater awareness of the human experience. We are devoted to providing a platform for promising authors seeking to present their works to a wider audience. We seek writers with the ability to pen thought-provoking stories that underpin exceptional literature.



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