Care Management

Seeking assistance from a professional is always helpful when it comes to caring for an older relative or someone in need at home. To this understanding, Village Care is here to help. Here, we provide a range of services in a unique and integrated fashion tailored specifically to create a customized care plan according to your needs.



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What We Do!

Our Care Managers will:

  1. Make sure your home environment is safe
  2. Coordinate doctor’s appointments, including the critical task of following doctor’s recommendation
  3. Rigorously check the medication regimen to ensure positive results
  4. Educate you about your medical bills
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We Do More!

Besides our customized services, we also work with community services on your behalf. This includes meals and transportation.

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Our main goal

Village Care's mantra is Proactive Care Management. It is not easy to understand the ever-growing and more complicated healthcare system, especially when you are dealing with some serious challenges that effect your life or that prevent you from using your full potentials. Now, however, you can rest assured. Our healthcare professionals—social workers and nurses—are here to help.

Care for our seniors

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